New Website

We’re proud to annouce the launch of this new website.

It’s something that we’ve been planning for quite a while now and we’ve finally got around to doing it.  This new site has been created to take over from the old Scooter-Scene site and be somewhere where we can offer more functionality for both official members and non-members.

Everyone who joined the Darkside through the old Scooter-Scene site have now been transferred over onto this site and should be able to login using the same email address and password that they used to access the old Darkside merchandise area. By ‘joined the Darkside’, we mean people who paid for official membership, not just people who were signed up to the forums.

The new ‘shop’ area of this site has been configured to allow us to sell certain items to only members as well as all other items to non-members. If you have any trouble logging into the members area on this new site, then please contact us and we’ll look into your membership status.

Future plans for this site include allowing official members early access to new merchandise lines and entry into new ‘members only’ areas for music downloads. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site and also any suggestions you may have.

Matt, Loz, Tezza & Roadcaptain